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The 8 Best Restaurants in London Glitz Tested! — Glitz around the Globe

You asked for it and here they are! Here’s my current guide to the best 8 restaurants in London, tried, tested and suitable for all!

The list is in no particular order. 
It is mostly based on the location, ambience, background music, service and obviously the food!  Many of them offer lots of healthy options which are perfect for those who want to impress clients, yet can still keep up their healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, many think that hosting clients and sipping on champagne is amazing, and I confirm that it is but the guilt engulfs me when zips are a struggle to put up! (sigh)
Just because you’re eating lean doesn’t mean you need to miss out on fine cuisine from London’s best!

A restaurant promoting guilt-free ‘clean eating’ within the swanky surrounds of The Ned hotel/club complex, Malibu Kitchen feels like a slice of California in the City! Not that I have been to California (yet) but it’s as I would imagine it. The menu favours us veggie lovers over omnivorous but there’s something for everyone, including fans of raw food. My favorite pick was the vegetable and mango rolls with spicy nuts and I washed it down with some mean green juice.

Sketch turns eating and drinking into a whole new experience! I visited this place on many occasions and it’s like walking into a fairytale kingdom. The place boasts several venues which are among the best restaurants in London.  The hardest part is choosing between all the options! Bookings are recommended and you must follow the dress code which adds more value to the place as it is not about the money but also about having the right crowd. The whole place is heaven for Instagrammers and their bathroom is probably the most Instagrammed in London or even worldwide!

I may be a bit biased here as my darling friend Marlena is part of the team so we are obviously treated like royalties upon every visit. This Mayfair restaurant has been around since 2013 and was aimed to bring higher-end Peruvian cooking to London. It’s one of four venues sharing the COYA name with sister sites in Angel Court, near Bank, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

The decor is very traditional Latin American with a touch of Mayfair class –I love the central ceviche bar and an open charcoal grill providing the platform where you can witnessing the work of art in food being created

Group bookings in their private rooms are perfect to impress!  Weekend brunch is quite something too and strangely well priced for Mayfair standards.

Right now I am obsessed with anything that has to do with South Africa! It is on my “2019 To do List” and this is a taste of it!  Shaka Zulu, a lively restaurant, bar and nightclub in Camden. It might not be ideal for vegetarians and definitely not for vegans as the South African flare for exotic grilled meats and there is a particular yummy smell which not many can handle. If you don’t like meat (like me) then you can skip your meal and sip on their unusual cocktails! This Camden Market two-storey venue has ostentatious decor, and toe-tapping music that fills the place with an unbelievable energy.

This London restaurant is anything but quiet, Sarastro is absolutely fantastic with very little room for small chit chat. There are shows running all the with musical entertainment played out live among. Embrace yourself to delicious food whilst enjoying a night to remember with other smiling diners. The drama continues on your plate with Turkish and Mediterranean flavours which are on another level of flavours and taste buds! It’s one show after another in every sense! 100% gu

Padella is a fresh pasta bar run by the people behind Trullo, the critically lavished Italian spot in Highbury. Eating well is a form of self respect and this follow-up restaurant is more focused on effort, serving ONLY fresh, hand-made pasta! I was in awe of the show being made which you can enjoy from the window, all day, every day!

It is situated on the edge of Borough Market and easily spotted by the art-deco space. Another picture perfect place for Instagram enthusiasts (like me) due to its marble countertops hugging the white walls, nicely lined with stools giving you the perfect view of magical open kitchen

The name gives it away, its something Glitz would like! I read about it on Conde Nest Traveler and I tried it by chance, literally because the name caught my attention. Bistrotecque sounded “FAQA” which is a term used for “trendy/cool” in Maltese and commonly used with my fabulous ones. It gave me the vibes of French-inflected tasty food easily to be indulged in AND DAMN WAS I RIGHT?! Look out for the white courtyard and enjoy their brunch after a big night out or at night elegant night with friends or that special someone <3


The name says it all really, this cute restaurant is new(ish).  I met my friend Nick – a London based photographer, who hadn’t yet heard about it! I love how sometimes I know what is going on in the city more than its locals!
Avobar is located in Covent Garden and it is the perfect hub for a healthy yet hearty meal in an area where dining options can feel restricted to the usual food chains.

The menu offers traditional avocado options like
avo toast with smashed avocados but I opted for the more adventurous ‘beetroot hummus and an AVO-Sunshine smoothie which was polished off within seconds. The highlight of this place is definitely their hostess who is a ball of glitter and vision. She loved what I was wearing and vouched to have her own stylist when she will become rich! I LOVE HER AMBITION!

We both left satisfied and energised and I still had the energy to walk to Kings Cross station for my monthly appointment with the best hairstylists in London! This place is the kinda place that will make anyone with a phone wanting to take pics of the pretty food!!!

I hope you find my tips helpful,, for more travel tips and pics, I suggest you have a look at my Instagram account as it gets updated daily!

ENJOY xoxo

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