Oh dear Rio… beautiful Rio de Janeiro…

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Not going on a summer vacation this winter is really taking it’s toll on me. February has been not been the happiest, my best friend & another special one both moved to London. Getting used to not having my rock close by is harder than I thought….. actually I had to stop writing this as my eyes started welling up ….. it may sound a bit dramatic but even the happiest girls crumble at times 😊

With Carnival soon approaching I find myself looking back at at our trip to the land of Samba, good food & the hottest bodies 😂 BRAZIL!

Brazil  is one of those places which draws you back and back again. We went twice so far; all in the space of 8 months. Those who know are well aware that I am a football fan mostly because of my father and the boys I hang out with. It is no surprise that seeing the World Cup in Brazil was on my wish list.

Two of our good friends had moved from London to Sao Paolo. Visiting them was the most logical to do. The experience was incredible! A feast of colors, dancing & and hurting from all the laughter! So good that this will probably be my longest post! Too much was done!


Everyone back home was worried cause of the rumors based on bad press & media.  Needless to say in Brazil it was a different story.

Brazilians are passionate about everything they do and just like #glitzandfriends,  they forget about their worries the minute there’s a fraction of Fun! One thing that stuck to my mind was the way corporate life stopped when the national team played football. All offices closed & the “Sorry we are watching football” sign quickly popped up!!! LOVE IT! Where else does everything stop for the love of the game?!


During this trip we also visited Ilha Bela – a cute island situated a few miles s off the coast of São Paulo which I highly suggest. We stopped for 2 nights which is more than enough and took trips to see the waterfall, and the many beautiful beaches they have. Brazil were playing against Mexico so we headed to the square were we got to know a few locals who invited us to street parties after the match and the samba dancing did not miss!

We also slept in a tree house, I must admit that this was not my favorite time as I’m petrified of snakes & nothing helped me get over my illusions. I did however enjoy the night time when all doors where close & I was in touch with the wild life of the jungle. Flying glowing creatures which looked like fairy lights was one of the most fascinating moment. It was an experience out of my comfort zone and another box to be ticked.

Fast forward to 8 months later and returned for the Carnival were we were reunited once again with David & Mau plus another two of my favorite people –  Val, Edgar and Tiago our beloved Brazilian friend! I barely knew at the time but they turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a great addition to my circle of friends and we have become really close ever since. I’m meeting them next month for my birthday celebration whoop whoop!

To be completely honest the whole trip is quite a blare (lol). We spent our days soaking the sun, smoldering tanning oil and drinking their signature Caipirinha. Our favorite spot is on posto 9, the facilities are superb, its were all the action is happening and feasted our eyes all day.


The energy on the beach is exhilarating!  I seriously cannot understand why people talk about Copacabana as in my opinion Ipanema wins hands down! You get to meet all the iconic characters selling fruit, sandwiches, beer, sweets ….. you name it & its available!

Here’s a snap happy of my favorite beach guys who sells fruit daily! Too cute I adore him!


During this very special time in Brazil,  one can enjoy themed bloco street parties from day to night. I think my favorite one was the LED one. Maybe it’s because it was the first one we attended which was quite an overwhelming experience but when I think of Carnival in Rio this is the first thing that pops to mind.


Another moment which I will defo NEVER EVER forget is a this rooftop party in one of the Favelas just off Ipanema Beach. The phrase “Oh my god” was never repeated in my life!  I was high on life! The people who were present were all like minded people who wanted to experience the real side of Rio. There was a dj from the UK playing some of my favorite house music, the sunset over Ipanema beach was incredible and all this happened whilst locals were leading their normal life beneath us. I was seeing wives hanging their fresh laundry and kids running around up and down the tight stairs. It couldn’t get more raw than this!

Locals have realized that they too can make money out of tourist and you can meet pleasant guides who will take you into their world. It is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. Getting up there is easy, you can either walk or hop on one of the “Taxi Bikes” service offered by the local guys.

Once on top, you will get to breath the fresh air of Rio and immerse yourself to the magic of the city & this gorgeous view……


You read about the parties, the beach life on Ipanema beach but the highlight of our holiday was dancing in the famous Rio sambadrome ! YES you read well!!!! It is always an advantage when you know locals so when Tiago suggested what seemed to be a mad idea turned out to be reality! We were part of it all and best of all is that our school won!! Needless to say I could spend ages writing about it, its tiring too, no alcohol is allowed as they take this competition very very seriously! It’s a manifestation of emotions, from wearing the costume, making our way on the train dressed up in a costume three times my size and feeling like a star because passerby look at you in admiration. The sweetest memory is of the security guard leading my way to avoid queuing lol and as David says…. it was TOO TOO FUNNY!!! Once there we waited for about two hours for our time to hit the parade. I moaned a bit (call me a moody cow but i was tired) HOWEVER once I was out and saw the crowd my inner diva popped out and gave it my all. Had the biggest smile ever and I’m getting shivers all over just writing about it!!!! Enjoy the snaps……

I don’t know what it is about Rio that I like so much. Perhaps it is the energy & the laid back attitude. It is also very raw with untouched environment and culture. It may have it’s sad poor side but somehow it still feels like paradise. Let’s not forget the food too! I love their acai, guarana and yummy avocados straight from the amazon! We had a lot of fun sampling açaí spots all over the city. It was our breakfast ritual and along the way we learned the difference between regional styles of açaí and sampled more granola and tapioca puffs than we’d ever imagined.


Before I sign off I’ll share another picture of must visit park called Parque Lage.This is a public park in Rio de Janeiro tucked at the foot of the Corcovado in the Jardim Botanico neighborhood. I had heard about it as it was featured in music videos of Pharell, Snoop Dogg, and the Black Eyed Peas, but remains relatively quiet as its out of the way for most tourists.


I could go on and on about Rio De Janeiro, might do a top 10 things to do whilst in Brazil in another post very soon.

xoxo Saudade 

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