Monday Blues? Here’s 5 life hacks for a better week at work

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Monday! The start of a new working week!
Getting out of bed in this cold BUT maybe we can change that!

This is how most of us typically feel after the weekend but why should we exert that negative energy? How about starting a new work week on a good note by focusing on doing your job as best as you can whilst still keeping a clear mind.

I mentioned this before; A common question I get asked by many is “How do you manage to have so much energy all the time even though you work so many hours?”
The answer is simple, both jobs do not feel like “A” job but more like the life I lead.

However here are a few tips & challenges i give myself during my 5 day week so I can let loose on the weekend.

Day 1: Sunset Gaze
Nothing clears my mind more than an hour on my own by the water. This is the time when i find myself thinking about my goals for the week and what is going on in my life. During hotter months i tend to go for a swim but at the moment, I’m opting to walk from work along the coast road and that in itself is enough. I guess these are the perks of an island life but can be applied in cities too in other ways.


Day 2: Switch up your Buzz
Keep an open mind even to what you are relying on for that extra energy booster. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, try out an energy invoking alternative such as green tea. Or mix up some warm berries with cacao and anything else you find in your fridge like my friend Peter did for me yesterday.  Use day 2 to kill routine by indulging in something new!


Day 3: Hump day
This is the day when i am ready to mingle with humans again lol!
Find time for friends & loved ones or even colleagues whom in my case are really close to me ….. see who needs a bit of you in their life. You never know who needs a chat & sometimes a simple message can make their day. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling loved & appreciated. Show people that you care!


Day 4: Good Vibes
We are almost there – Yay! Today pack up some goodies for the office which could be anything like sweets etc! Something that will cheer up everyone and excite them during their break. Another good option would be essential oils as inhaling the smell of eucalyptus or lavender calms our nerves during stressful times but this depends on your office rules! Ask before assuming its fine 😉   I get mine mostly from Sliema’s cutest corner cafe called “Divini”  by


Day 5: Time to Release…
Note what was good, how you could improve and jot down at least 2 things that you love about your job and gave you satisfaction this week! Call out for office beers & celebrate success together as a team! This week we have Quiz night lined up. Stay tuned for pics  🙂


I find this exercise as a great transition to my week and it keeps me focused. Hope it helps! Have a good week!


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