Even celebrities are getting it on the viral hashtag game, but what is the #10yearchallenge exactly and why have they picked 2009 vs 2019?

We are just a few days into 2019 and trust the internet to come up with some of the most intriguing hook-worth challenges. At the moment the online world is going berserk with the new #10yearchallenge where celebrities and us commoners are flooding newsfeeds with fun comparisons of 2009 vs 2019. The challenge is also called #HOwHardDidAgingHitYou and I am hoping it is in the harmless self-deprecating way. As always it is unsure on who started the movement but I think it has got to do with Facebook’s feature that brings back old memories.

Considering how many people have posted pics from #WaybackWednesday #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, one would think that we all know how we looked in the past by now lol! Whilst admitting that I am not usually a fan of these “Sheep” games, I have decided to join the fun. This is simply because in the past few weeks I have found myself moaning online about my country’s flaws so I have vouched to stop and be more playful online. Especially on Facebook which seems to be a nagging corner!

These two pics might give you the impression that nothing has changed but 10 years is a long time and I can confirm that there is a big difference between the two.

2009’s Pic features a weak(er) version of me who had been dumped by her then-boyfriend because I had a go at him upon discovering he lied and went out behind my back… SHOCKER RIGHT?!?! (note the sarcasm)
So, rather than feeling sorry for myself, I went out with my girls and took the typical “Look at me I am happy pic” for him to see.
Reality is that I was dying inside and just two hours after I had taken that picture, he messaged (as they do). I accepted his apologies and went home together.
2019 Pic which is technically 2018 features a genuine smile, it was taken at Sky Beach Malta at an event organised by Events By Martin.
Their official photographer captured me loving life and I like it as it screams “I am having fun FOR ME!”
My circle of people is much smaller nowadays and wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s a lot of love, support and some manage to elevate me even from miles apart.

My #10yearchallenge photo was posted for fun yet it captured a lot of good attention. Many women in my network praised me privately which soon got me typing away my new blog today! My online space is dedicated to sharing tips in general, promote brands I like and experiences so after an overwhelming request for tips on ageing nicely, I decided to share a few here.
Sadly I do not have a beauty team looking after my wellbeing which celebrities afford. I am also every beautician’s nightmare because I hardly visit! Buying expensive creams was never my thing as I’d rather spend that kind of money on flight tickets & I am tan-obsessed!
I do however, eat what I want in small doses (including pizza), drink plenty of water and a big factor to my “fresh looks” (your words not mine) is probably because I have no kids, NO TOXIC relationships and my ZERO RESPONSIBILITY lifestyle allows me to sleep when I want and get the break WHEN I WANT!

Thankfully I have not had to resort to any touch-ups as yet and when the time comes, if I am not feeling good with those extra wrinkles showing, I WILL look after them with no shame whatsoever! Live the life you want the way you want people. If something makes you feel good, do it!

Below are a mix of celebs and friends who took on the challenge and love the banter going on!

Trevor Noah – Comedian
Obi Trophy – My Nr 1 taking it another level ­čÖé
Derya – Fitness Instructor



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