Spring. The season of new life and my birthday celebrations! A perfect time to cleanse our souls, mind, and body. A time which reminds us that warmer days ahead are getting closer!

The winter blues are quickly fading as my favorite time of year has rolled in. Many people associate Spring with cleaning. A clean home is a happy home. I enter spring with the same mindset. A clean soul is a happy soul. I’m taking things step by step, in the same routine that is taken when I’m scrubbing my home to happiness.

  • Open New Doors. Clean the closets in your mind.  Address the bad (if any) and get to welcome all of the good. Time need to open new doors, visualize the opportunities that are ahead of us during the busy summer days and be up for whatever comes your way.
  • Breathe. Get rid of all the yuck that has been weighing you down, and now have a chance to relax. My chalkboard has been wiped clean. Whatever story I choose to write for myself is in my hands. YOU CAN TOO! 
  • Look right through. I am the type of person who is shit at following her own advice but this year I am changing the game! I took the decision after a conversation with a new colleague – Megan, she is a joy to have at the office & a couple of weeks ago she made me realise that my advice ain’t too shabby after all. So who else can help me other than myself?!?! I took a step back and look at what needs work on as I usually suggest and have decided that this spring, I’m recreating the same visual within my internal self by looking at what corners in my life need cleaning up.  Start by asking yourself, which part feels messy or dirty?  Time to get rid of what is taking a toll on me mentally. Time to sort through all of the bad that sits within relationships, finances, deadlines, goals, and health.
  • Change your surroundings. There is something about fresh new bedding. I like to change it depending on the season, colors affect my moods, I need lots of red during Christmas and pastels during this time of the year! Buy new plants, surround yourself with flowers and lots of them. Lavender is working wonders in my bedroom as it helps me relax and sleep better.

It had been a while since I had written something and I hope you are enjoying this read. The above was written last week, however, life got busy and my blog is more of an online hobby where I share experiences and venting on a keyboard. Sometimes what I write makes sense, other times it might not. I don’t take it seriously, it’s just my happy virtual space which reminds me of the time when I kept a #secretdiary as a typical nineties kid.

My birthday was absolutely fantastic! We booked the highline suite at the Intercontinental Malta I have the most amazing people around me. The turn out was incredible and overwhelming. Seeing my nice mix of friends in good spirits full or the right energies made me realize that the paths and life choices I made in the last couple of years have led me to a great place in my life.  Nick Andrews,  a good friend from London surprised me with a few video edits which he shot during my event. These clips gave me one of the nicest warm feeling inside, a feeling which was dormant as I never really celebrate my day and loved seeing everyone having a blast! These edits convinced me to continue this spring and my days to come like a bud. I want to be refreshed, and ready to grow into a better person. I want to stay grounded and bloom into something beautiful. Keep my circles “smaller” who will always find time for me and I hope y’all take the time to clean your soul and join me for the ride!

What soul cleansing tips do you have? How are you getting ready for your fresh start? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

Happy Spring xoxo 

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