Filling The New Year With Sweet Moments

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I think that one of the most positively beautiful things that can happen to a person is for them to fall in love with their own life – with the good, and the not so good, all at once.

Not many people would imagine this, but I LOVE my “me” time & this is when I often catch myself smiling at random thoughts of what is going on. Last November was a tough one, I was let down by a few people which led to my negative side to pop out. No one wants to see that little green monster (as my friend Jamie called it) in me coming out as I become almost unbearable. Things got a bit out of control, I went on mini city breaks to forget but those were temporary solutions. Then December came and I was practically out and loving life every day. Having changed from retail to i-gaming, this year I got to enjoy the festive season and went on holiday for three weeks in Åre, Denmark, Devon & London. This is when i found myself reflecting on the past couple of months and how I should be less emotional, more rational & expect less to avoid disappointments.

When you’re embracing the sweetness of each and every moment, you will fall – madly! wonderfully! – in love with your own life.

Most of us make resolutions, I kind of twisted that a bit and decided to fill 2017 to the brim, not with big things, like snagging a new job, dropping 2 sizes, go out less or save money (which I know i’m useless at) BUT with small little changes here and there. Sweet, little things that make each moment tangible, like something to be held gently, or melted on the tongue.

  • I will walk more. Slow ones though; the kind that make me notice things like street signs, beautiful balconies, and the way the clouds are never the same.
  • I will slow down. I want to turn down the speed on everything I do because I’m way too hyper & want to show more care in my words. I know that if I do this, all moments will seem sweeter.
  • I will wake up a bit earlier.  This started already in December but I stopped at the beginning of the year as i got a severe chest infection and then got lazy but as of next week ill start again. Jog in my neighborhood, inhale the crispy fresh air watch the sun rise.
  • Write down your plans. Voice your wishes and map them out, get a journal if need be. Nothing better than being old school. One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was the journal in the pic below.


Now, it’s your turn! One of the easiest ways to allow more sweetness in your life is to pick one thing that you do daily, something easy — like drinking more water, indulge in a long bath, or kissing your loved one goodbye before work – and vow to do this more mindfully.


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