The internet is full of memes and hashtags of Female Empowerment which is great but behind all these successful ladies who share their attractive lifestyle on social media lays a very busy agenda. An agenda that very few imagine! Behind those cute pictures, there’s a whole lot of work and dedication to juggle work and life in general! There is a reason why many of us are single yet there are many who are kicking ass raising their kids and maintaining healthy relationships.
Those ladies are my kinda superheroes!


I have spoken to many ladies and we all have the pointers below in common. Some may think I lead an easy life but the only difference is priorities in our ways of paying bills and time management!  I too, have my lows but I concentrate on my “highs” which are a lot and as the sixth month of 2018 is coming to an end, I  can safely say that this year is turning to be another awesome one.   I got promoted, won an award for “Innovator of the Year” at the Women in Gaming Awards just after two years working in the iGaming Industry. I traveled every month,  met incredible people, some more special than others. Saw friends tying the knot. Celebrated Terri’s 30th Birthday on the white isle.  My family is healthy and I got new goals set. Life is good! 

But let’s get back to how we work the magic! 

Keep scheduling in one place.

Pick your favorite tool and stick to it! It might surprise you but I am still very traditional. I feel the need of writing down everything! Online calendars are good but if a reminder doesn’t come, it might screw me and my day!
I do not separate personal & work calendars. Instead, I write everything on my outlook and my colleagues have access to it. This saves them time asking me if I am available. I do not go into detail. My notes will show “Busy” and if it involves them, they are usually included in the main event with the right notes attached.

Keep things simple… especially your hangouts

I live on an island so distance is not really an issue. However, for those who work in bigger cities, I suggest keeping meetings always in the same area. Find a local hub where both your friends and suppliers know that this is your place and you will avoid lots of google maps links. It will be easy to find you and avoids late arrivals for meetings. Keep it simple “Same time, the same place kinda plan”

Stop checking your emails! 

I AM SHIT AT FOLLOWING THIS RULE but decided it’s high time I start practicing what I preach.  Try not to mix personal & work emails in one account as it might make things harder for you. I ask everyone to use Whatsapp for personal matters and strictly keep emails for work. Otherwise, I will end up checking it at all hours. Remind yourselves that no one is expecting you to reply at 8 am on a Sunday morning, so don’t do it! Also if you have your “out of office” set, people will know not to bother you unless it is time sensitive! I always like to leave funny out of office messages like “My favorite time of the year has arrived and I am probably sipping on pina colada so if you are going to disturb me, make sure it is important” lol – My line of work is laid back so I can understand that some can’t leave such messages but I believe in keeping work fun and approachable. If you are not on vacation, please give yourself at least one day a week to just not open your emails.

Make time for you.

Traditional meditation works for many people, but not for everyone. I have an app called “Headspace” which I use in the morning before going to work.  However, I have recently started training again and I am finding this better. Go within and find your thing! I am hyper so Yoga is not really for me. I like to sweat it out and let go of my inner 18yr old! 

Dance, listen to music……. let go….. be free! 

It might sound like a bad idea, but add something a little left-field to your schedule, anything from zip-lining to rowing or swimming. My way of letting go is listening to Tech-House music and house music. I love festivals! I love meeting interesting artistic people backstage.  It makes the world seem smaller as I end up meeting similar faces everywhere I go!
Music connects people and there’s nothing that makes me happier more than forgetting my office and letting go to the sounds I like! Having fun has no age limits and I learn a lot of new things from people I meet. My island makes me feel old so I try to get out often to meet like-minded people who share similar passions. Thirties are great and I look forward to my forties. I have given myself a target, I want my abs back. Let’s see if I will make it…… Speak again in a few years!

The above tips are suited for all women, and I dedicate this blog to my friend Christine. A mother of a cute 4yr old and 2yr old twins….. all boys! She is intelligent, an inspiration to many who tells me she wishes she had my lifestyle but she rocks at what she does. Recently promoted again and has gained her fitness back. A true wonder woman at home, at work and on the dancefloor!

Cheers to all women! 


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