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With Valentine’s day approaching, I thought I’d share my experience and perhaps entice a few frantic partners looking for the perfect evening to spend with their loved ones.

This year I’m far from in love,  actually to be honest it’s the last thing on my mind at the moment. HOWEVER! love is love and it is always a pleasure helping my friends plan stuff for their girlfriends to enjoy so I’ll try and help my followers too.
If you are a hopeless romantic with little time on your hands, I have the perfect tip!
Go spoil yourself by indulging in good food, get pampered by a butler service (YES A BUTLER all for yourselves!) and sleep in a heavenly bed to get down and dirty in the most amazing recently built suites – aka the Highline Suites.

I  spent the night at Intercontinental Malta  last December & it was out of this world! My butler picked me up from work. Upon entering the hotel i was escorted to my room where I was checked in privately, shown around and kindly explained into detail how the very tech savvy TV, mood light & all the rest of the ammenities worked.  She offered to run a bath and gave me time to freshen up before I moved on to meet my friends for a private dinner at the presidential suite. We had a full team to look after us and were treated to a a lavish 4 course meal paired with different wines. Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I am a pescatarian so my menu was designed specifically for me

Menu Consisted of……

  • Marinated Scallops with ceviche of Lobster, grapefruit & coriander salsa, yuzu gel and apple sauce
  • Poached red prawn terrine with onion flakes, pickled cauliflower and black garlic
  • Mizo marinated meager with baby winter vegetables and friend calamari
  • Dried meringe with poached pear in port wine, vanilla marshamllows, pear gel and sugared chocolate soil


After the meal, we were meant to go to the Casino Malta but  after all that food  we opted to just head to our rooms instead. By then my best friend was waiting for me who had just finished hosting a show. He now moved to London for a while… Damn I miss him & hoping to visit him soon! You can follow his adventures on Worldshallwego


Back to what I like about the suites and why I am taking time to write about them. They are situated bang in the hub of Malta’s nightlife yet the minute you step into them you totally forget you are on an island, right away you are taken away with that awe-inspiring city feel I simply love so much.

Guests staying in the Highline Suites will also have access to the rooftop infinity pool which sadly I did not make use of. Firstly because it was cold and wet and secondly because was still being built, however, the good news is that this pool will be only open for residents. Maximizing your unwinding time whilst listening to nice background music turns into and Instagram smug!

I opted to have breakfast at WaterBiscuit where I am a regular during the winter season. If you haven’t tasted their breakfast yet; do yourself a favor and make sure you do! I also like to take my special guests for lunch there, have also booked it for business meetings which always ended well 😉


I always knew I’d be a darling at this and just as expecting the new Highline Suites are proper lush! They have been built to respond to an increasing demand within the Maltese luxury market and believe me if you are wondering how to impress this is the way forward!


I will be back! Meanwhile my fellow romantics get booking and you can thank me later….. Promise I won’t say how you got your idea!


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