Has Digital Detox become a thing?!

Today I will not be writing about my travels planned nor about the events I will be attending. Instead, I am letting you know that I will be doing a detox and it is not the C9  which I need to do! Mine will be a digital detox and I’ll be taking a break from Facebook!

As a millennial, it is very hard to remember life without Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the whole lot. How on earth did we plan? How did we let each other know that we are having a blast and convince them to join in?! And if I didn’t … did anyone bat an eyelid?! I guess not!  Needless to say, I love social media, it has inspired me to do things around the globe, reconnected me with friends which I had lost touch with and it also pays my bills thanks to a job that I love. The world is more connected but it also causes pain. Lately, I am reading too much negativity and it’s getting to me. Today’s news about the terror attack in Manchester has left me unsettled and it made me think of something I had read about….. A digital detox!

Basically, it all started after realizing that I have turned into a miserable cow this week! Having my friends over from London hasn’t helped, and it’s making me feel worse as it’s not like me to lose my sparkle. Part of it is because of recent disappointments, which have shown me that it’s best to date bad guys as I never expect anything from assholes whereas I do from the good guys! There’s also a lot of bad energy around me, a lot of noise pollution and the island is at an all time low because of the elections. I live on an island where people support politicians as though they are supporting their local football team. We do not have a left or a right anymore and they both offer similar things. The “big” day is just a few weeks away so all conversations revolve around it.

I am guilty of being a social media obsessive and how my presence on it looks. This is pretty normal given the nature of my job, as well as my own blogging. The whole point of my blog is to inspire people to have fun and ultimately, I doubt that’s being noticed with so much political talk; so I’ve decided to give this digital detox a go! For a social media queen like me this will probably feel as though I’ve lost a third hand but as tough as it may be I am certain that my dinner conversations might be more engaging. I am also curious to see how this will affect my sleeping patterns.

So as of tomorrow, I will be logging off Facebook until the 5th June 2017 – I picked this date as it’s 2 days after the elections and my site inspection for an upcoming team trip will be starting. Expect my posts to be happier!

Will I manage? The bets are on!


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