My first cruise experience

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My first cruise experiene was a delight! So glad that I didn’t listen to who claimed it is only for families and couples.   “Don’t go on a cruise” many said. Oh, how wrong they were, and how glad I am that we went ahead with our first cruise experience. Summer 2019 could not have ended on a better note….

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The Best Luggage to Travel Light

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To check or not to check in your bag? Do you opt for the durability of a hard shell or the flexibility of soft canvas? Is a built-in battery a must-have or a frivolous marketing ploy? These are the biggest questions we all face when booking our trips. I am one of those who prefer to take my suitcase and cram it…

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Travel Hacks to Save Money & Gain Luxury

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When traveling becomes a lifestyle, Travel Hacking leads to a new kind of excitement. Nowadays we don’t just travel to get away but many of us travel for work or to visit loved ones.  I am not sure if one can quite call Travel Hacking a “hobby” but learning more about how the travel industry’s mechanisms work can make your…

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8 Tips with love from Stockholm

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Don’t go to Stockholm as it is expensive they said………… WRONG!!!!! First of all, that should never be a reason not to visit a place as I have learned that you can still have fun by budgeting. However, this perception of Stockholm or all of Sweden being expensive has to stop. I found meals (healthy ones) for less than Eur10…

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One day in Magical Prague

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A taste of Magical Prague Lets get this straight….. a couple of days here are NOT enough! Prague was long on my mind, so I managed to squeeze in a couple of days before I head for my annual Festive visit to catch up with me friends & family in London. This has not stopped me from seeing everything I…

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Zurich in your pocket

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Cheese, Chocolate & winter wonderland heaven! For anyone who is looking to travel to Zurich, let’s get things straight it is bloody expensive. If you’re travelling on a tight budget, Zurich (and probably the entire of Switzerland) is not the most suitable place for you. By way of example a vegetarian dish at Titriz will cost you Eur20 and that…

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Lets talk about the Web Summit in Lisbon!

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Planning on going to the Web Summit in 2018?! Book it now! It’s a summit equivalent to the Olympics for geeks! From the world’s most known sports legends to young successful YouTubers, picture perfect Instagram couples, to political leader and world-known celebrities & supermodels ……… Attending this summit were another 60,000 like minded people from every corner of the world,…

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