Beating Winter Blues

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Basically, I can’t wait for winter to end!   Truth is that the whole “Dry January” thing is a load of Bullshit! I have at least five good friends whose birthdays fall in January, so saying that I will start detoxing, after the holiday decorations are packed away has never happened! In all fairness, I never really needed it as…

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Zurich in your pocket

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Cheese, Chocolate & winter wonderland heaven! For anyone who is looking to travel to Zurich, let’s get things straight it is bloody expensive. If you’re travelling on a tight budget, Zurich (and probably the entire of Switzerland) is not the most suitable place for you. By way of example a vegetarian dish at Titriz will cost you Eur20 and that…

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Lets talk about the Web Summit in Lisbon!

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Planning on going to the Web Summit in 2018?! Book it now! It’s a summit equivalent to the Olympics for geeks! From the world’s most known sports legends to young successful YouTubers, picture perfect Instagram couples, to political leader and world-known celebrities & supermodels ……… Attending this summit were another 60,000 like minded people from every corner of the world,…

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Music for Commuters / Travelers

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Music is food for our soul. This post is for all you wanderers out there who like me, enjoy a good boogie and need to stay alive whilst cruising. I’m back from another trip to the UK which saw me crossing the UK borders on long bus journeys….. YES! Bus journeys! You might be asking, why bus and not train?!…

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