Basically, I can’t wait for winter to end!


Truth is that the whole “Dry January” thing is a load of Bullshit!

I have at least five good friends whose birthdays fall in January, so saying that I will start detoxing, after the holiday decorations are packed away has never happened! In all fairness, I never really needed it as nothing changes for me during the festivities. I do not binge on food nor on alcohol…. until this year! 

January 2018 felt like the longest month ever and February, which is the shortest month of the year somehow is feeling longer. Please note, that I was away for a week in London attending two hectic conferences yet the struggle with winter is real! Days are dark, nights come sooner, and the weather is frigid and unforgiving.  I’m finding it hard to feel cheery and this is showing on my scales!  I have decided that rather than succumbing to these grey days, I am going to boost my mood with these oh-so-important self-care tips that feel a little extra necessary.

Can you relate to how I have been feeling? Carry on reading and join me beating my winter blues!

Make a plan.

Sundays should feel like top knots, sweat pants and preparing to make next week your best ever.

Yes, I know, summer seems ages away but we need to reignite our fire by making plans – that healthy sense of anticipation can help keep us stay focused, energized and excited about life.  I never thought I would say this as boys always came first in my line of friends HOWEVER, lately I seem to need a doze of my girls more often.  I am finding myself organising happy hour sessions with my colleagues & friends.  I have a holiday planned with my bestie in March and I am enjoying indoor dinners with them. Next call will be a PJ Party (my birthday) which will most likely see us putting on a mask together & sip on some bubbles whilst watching Dirty Dancing! These little things are starting to keep me going lately. 

Food for your mood.

Feeling sluggish after overindulgence is normal and to be expected, but I continued giving into cravings of carbs and sweets long past the holidays which have now  effected my overall mood.  As of yesterday I decided to beat this by making sure to balance meals with fat, protein, fibre and greens! On the go like me? I am big fan of soups, smoothies and anything that’s liquid and easy to prepare / carry! Next week I will probably go on the C9 which I swear by as it gives me that extra kick with immediate results. Want to know more about it? Ask me how! 


Set an (attainable) goal.

While running a marathon might be unrealistic (for me!),  I am focusing on setting small, attainable goals as these will help me feel productive faster. Aim to keep these goals simple in a similar way I am doing – For example: Try out a new recipe once a week, or sign up for a new boxing class.  I got a new notebook from Paperchase to make short lists of things that I know I can accomplish.  This way I will gain satisfaction faster and it’ll keep me going.  I ditched the harsh resolutions  a long time ago, instead I will allow myself to feel good about achieving even small things. Having a demanding job is already a task so my private life should be less daunting.

Embrace the season & stay social!

During the cold months, boasting about living on an island and instagramming your pics with the hashtag #islandlife become somewhat non-existent. So much so that I am filtering all my pics in Black & White as it hides how pale I look! Fake tanning it is not helping me feel better lol (Dramatic!). 

It can be so easy to blame the cold weather and your depleted bank account, but, & I REPEAT BUT! It is crucial to maintain a social life to brighten our mood.  Thankfully, I have my job to fill up my calendar. Working in events require attending to weekly events thank F*** for that as otherwise the kilos I have piled on would be double by now. I eat more when I am bored and if I am not putting on cute dresses to go out may result in me not realising they’re starting to fit tight! So yes going out helps me socially and it is a good reminder to get rid of those extra inches!!!

New year means, same us!

Let’s make this clear!!!!! We do not need to change anything about us! We are loved, cause we are a nice bunch of strong human beings.  Ok, if like me you have had a free trial run to the new year, it is now time to get our shit together by getting into the swing baby! This can feel challenging, but by taking the first months of the new year one day at a time and staying mindful, we can embrace everything this gloomy season has to offer!

Have you got any more tips on how to get over our winter blues?! Share your tips in the comments!

Good Luck and Cheers to better days in 2018! xoxo

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