Let’s set this straight, this is NOT about men bashing.

We are a day away from Women’s Day and by now, we all know that we are equal.  Some like it, others don’t. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re constantly criticised over the way we (women) choose to live our lives.  It may be a shock for some but not every woman is stressed or lonely waiting to be rescued.
Some of us love time on our own, good sex, nights out with friends AND are tired of hearing ignorant things about our genders.  Mostly from men who have no idea what it’s like to be one of us and we are also misunderstood by our own gender.   

These are a few favourites….

1.“YOU’RE SO SENSITIVE. (jaqaw bil- period?)

Every person should know that this is a death sentence, so why say it?! That time of the month is stressful enough as it is. Yet, sorry to disappoint it only last a few days and nowadays we just speak our minds.  Gone are the days when we grin, and bear stupidities, nowadays, we say it how it is and prefer to tell you when the line has been crossed. Basically, we don’t take any crap. Being sensitive and being blunt are two totally different things.


This is often blurted out when we are looking better than other days. Just because we made an effort, it doesn’t mean that we’re trying to get male attention or anyone in particular. The joy of being a woman is that we embrace feeling good even if it happens on a random Tuesday morning! Honestly, we are generally doing it for ourselves. Don’t laugh, but chances are that we would have checked our scales and found out that we were 2kgs less that morning so suddenly, we feel like Victoria Secret Models and boy does it feel good!!! So please allow us to enjoy this precious moment of no bloating & everything else that comes with our complicated bodies.
Strong is the new beautiful & we are in the right direction.


This is very popular when out with the girls or on Christmas Day. You just know the question is about to be popped as it is generally accompanied by “cute” squeaky voices saying “You won’t know what real love means until you have a baby”
Yes Josephine, you can experience love without having children. You can even experience love without having a boyfriend. You love your friends, your family and your pets (if any), don’t you? Also, has it even crossed your mind that not all of us can have children?! Think twice before showing pity, please.

4. “…FOR A WOMAN.”  (ax ghall mara tajba ta!)

Nothing gets me more than this little sweet ending to a phrase! OFFENSIVE TO SAY THE LEAST! My circle of female friends are all very similar to me and perfectly able to lead an independent life whilst also being great partners.
Women are just as capable as men are in every single way. We make the world go round, get used to it, honey.


And maybe you are right, but do you even know what my standards are?! Allow me to explain that If I am going to get down and dirty with someone or romantically involved, there has to be some kind of attraction. It takes a lot more than dick pics (we didn’t ask for) and small talk. Also, not to brag but seeing guys who broke my heart turning bald with beer bellies is a sign of great past decisions and by now I am at an age where many are getting divorced so I’m glad I got past that….. the future still looks bright and my bubble isn’t burst yet.


This usually happens when we start dating someone new.
He is kind, funny, tall, great in bed and treats me like a human being deserves to be treated. He also respects my freedom and my career…….. His paycheck & intellect is a bonus. Thanks for asking. (Seriously? What kind of question is that?! #SIGH)


Oooooooooooooooooooh that’s so sweet! SERIOUSLY?! Why would you even think that would flatter us? Whilst I do not agree with strict laws as they are not realistic, I do believe that it will create awareness. Wolf whistling only makes you look desperate & ignorant. Just stop for your own sake.
On a good day find my inner self laughing and embracing it as one day I may be old and wrinkly, and these silly offensive comments might be missed. (I’m trying to be positive here)



As in, do I believe MEN and WOMEN should have equal rights and equal opportunities as well as getting on even between us females rather than competing?

Didn’t think so but looks like, “Yes, I am.”

And finally…… I wonder…..

What started Feminism?

Can a male be a feminist?

I’d like to know what you think, leave a comment below 🙂


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