2 simple tricks to beat Unhealthy Eating Habits!

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One thing I’ve learnt in the past couple of months of blogging is to only write when you feel like and when you are in a positive mindset. The internet has enough spiteful comments which can be avoided so my aim is to only speak when I’ve got interesting things or experiences to relate.

Today is a good day to write! It’s the 1st March meaning we are 21 days closer to spring and…. OH, MY GOD…… the weather is glorious! Hopefully I will not jinx it and it will last longer lol. Sunny weather after 3 months of bi-polar weather got me in a super good mood. It’s probably because I know that I am just 18 days from my next trip (who’s counting?! Lol). My good spirits are also because I’ve eaten well in the past two days after a mental weekend at our sister island – Gozo.

Let’s talk about food! The good kinda food… the fresh and healthy habits we need to feel better!

Bad eating habits are so easy to create, especially if like me, you’re used to snacking at a certain time during the day. I find myself to be more peckish at that time and find myself grabbing fast food on a budget. Which is bad! HOWEVER…. The good news is that your brain can be reprogrammed, so don’t worry.


  1. Let’s reprogram that brain!

The best way to do this is to educate yourself on the dangers of unhealthy food. Knowing your food, and researching the effects it has on your body can act as a good repellent. I don’t smoke but eating junk food on these rare occasions where vegetarian options are not popular, poses a greater threat. This is a fact yet not being taken as seriously as it should. The obvious effect of fast food is weight gain, but the unhealthy lifestyle causes a number of unexpected health risks.

Studies show that excessive fast food leads to depression, sleeping disorders are 2 of which I can relate to. I don’t have depression but gaining weight does get to me and I lose my glitz & sparkle.


I know which foods are good for me and I’ve learned to avoid them. Eating healthy makes a difference in my life and is one of the keys to my happiness apart from the obvious (Music, Traveling, Friends & Sunsets.

A very good blog for more into depth is

  1. Reward yourself!

I will not tell you how to do this as we are all different. I find shakes to start my day well, they give me the nutrients my body needs and lacks. I am a firm believer that your taste buds of the day depend on the first thing you feed yourself…. Again, what works for me might not work for others and I am suggesting from experience.
Our brains are programmed to keep us safe but we have programmed it to believe junk food is ok to eat as our parents allowed it so we naturally ignore the side effects that occur soon after. Treat the habit like a bad addiction and avoid temptation for the better. Change your surrounding environment, even your kitchen cupboards! Plan ahead and make time for yourself.  When you’re out shopping give your desire no choice, instead go buy yourself that dress which did not fit well last month and the satisfaction will encourage you to continue the new healthy lifestyle which seemed impossible! Summer bodies are made all year round not a month before when panic strikes! Start today!


Love yourself……. As like my favorite Drag says…. “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”



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