Applying blindly to job listings and hoping for the best is a thing of the past. Think bigger if you want to make this year the best yet for your career.

2018 started on a good note for me. After an exciting year of work and play, I got promoted to the role I had set my goal on.

My first suggestion is to know what you want and set your goal, but determination is key and here’s how I did it: 


Talk to people, get to know what they do, attend events if there are any related to the industry you are interested. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Keep business cards handy.


I still think that point number 1 is the best way to sell yourself as you never know whom you would have met that might recommend you without you even knowing. However, following the company you aspire to work for will help you get to know their culture. Knowledge is power, and recruiters will notice that you have done your research. This will, of course, be a bonus as it shows you know what you want and why you applied.


Be real to yourself. We don’t get our dream jobs by magic. It takes time, some more than others. Competition is fierce, especially in my industry. What I know today will not be valid in a couple of years, so we need to keep our game going. Do courses, the online world is full opportunities. Know you’re worth. Work for it as there is no such thing as shortcuts, it might take time, but you will get there.


Focus on what you have to offer, set goals but not too many as it may get confusing. Show your values in term of knowledge, experience, and career successes. If you are not sure, take time to outline your objectives and learn how to communicate your goals to the interviewer or employer (if applying internally)


I gave you my tips so by now you should have a mental check-list. Write down what you can do and what needs improvement and act on it.
If all of the above is ready for action, I urge you to take the plunge to finally make that change you have been waiting for!

As my favorite drag queen – Ru Paul says…… “Good Luck & don’t fuck it up!

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