The struggle ain’t real with these 5 apps.

Before you carry on reading, I would like to explain what Boss Lady means. This terminology does not necessarily mean that you’re the CEO. We can all be one but in our different worlds. Whether you’re rocking your day at work or at play, an employee, or an employer. A boss lady is naturally determined, strong yet caring and you know she is there even in a crowded room.


“Money only impresses lazy girls. When a woman works hard, a man with money is a bonus, not a ladder to upgrade”

Gone are the days when women baked cakes at home. As much as I joke about wanting to turn back time, I can’t imagine me spending hours at home making sure it is immaculately tidy. Don’t get me wrong I love a clean house, the smell of fresh laundry, scented candles and my fairy lights which are out all year round and not just at Christmas! However, I am busy juggling my exciting schedule and wouldn’t want it any other way. Don’t ever believe me if I say, I hate it, it’ll be an overdramatic moment which will be forgotten after 5mins.

Hectic days like mine will include scheduling meetings and appointments, planning events, attending events, checking emails as though they are WhatsApp messages, and non-stop deadlines – My friends wonder how it is possible to mentally digest everything. and the most common question asked more often than not is….  “Do you ever stop?!”  or worse…. “Get off your phone!” #yawn

Yes, I do… of course I bloody do, and as someone who breathes Social Media & non-stop multi-tasking, I thought of sharing my favorite apps for that little online assistance!

These apps have been a god-send and their functionalities make my day to day life easier. Business Apps like my top 5 mentioned below is what every lady in similar positions need.


I swear by this app!

HootSuite was introduced to me by Josh at Growth Gurus. Think about how many words and captions we write yearly. All the creative, catchy status’ written on so many platforms. Every platform has its dynamics and what works on one does not work on another. The time we post and the list go on! Well, my dear ladies, Hootsuite does that and more! It makes social network multi-tasking a breeze. I am able to schedule future post and not worry if my content will get out there on time. It even tells you how effective the wording is…….. Hootsuite links all your social media accounts so you can send a message to them all simultaneously. It also allows you to synchronize your calendar and pre-set the dates for when your messages are sent.


Try it Download Hoosuite


Recommended by a friend and added to my 2018 newbie app

My colleagues from the Finance department will laugh if they’ll come across this blog. Too many receipts have been lost leading to me freaking out and wasting my time trying to get the outlets in question to reprint them. Those days of hoarding on receipts are hopefully over.

Once you take a picture of your receipt, Expensify uses SmartScan technology to add the details to a virtual database. All you have to do is choose what folder or section the expense belongs in and this pocket accountant will compile hassle-free expense reports for your business.

It gets better…. if you’re traveling, the app facilitates automatic currency conversion.

Think you need it to? Download Expensify


A personal favorite as I put my creative side into action. Everyone can become a designer with Canva in the simplest ways. There are templates for anything you could possibly need online. I use it mostly for Facebook headers, Photo editing, Event Invites, Posters and Instagram posts.

Bored of what you are doing and need a change?! Canva is also great for revamping your resume. There are endless options to make your application stand out. Remember though…. Keep it simple and classy and adapt the chosen design to the role you are applying for. Canva has it all!

Discover it here: Canva

TRIPIT – The Tavel Organizer

TripIt makes planning business trips or my own vacation simpler. Just send your flight details, train tickets and hotel confirmation to the app and it will generate your itinerary.

Add links, or recommended sites at the touch of a button and the app will direct you to your destination.

There is also a paid Pro version which will also provide flight details or rebook seats when flights are distracted or grounded.

Watch Video

Have a fab time: Download Tripit



Music is food for my soul!!!! It makes me happy & affects my mood easily. SPOTIFY IS GREAT! I have proudly compiled lots of playlists to set my mood right. Every Monday I look forward to my “Discover Weekly” and Spotify nails it! I joke that this app knows me more than anyone else.

Every time I am having a low moment, I put my headphones on and bad days become bearable. Life is not always glittery, we are all humans and we all have these days, yet we learn how to make them work.

Music calms me down. Find out what works for you and include it in your day. Happiness leads to success, no one wants a grumpy colleague with negative vibes. Some offices are more relaxed than others, however, at the end of the day, it is still our working place. No snapping, be assertive with those who are having a weak moment yet keep your cool EVEN if they raise their voice…. Smile and carry on! 


Know of any other helpful apps? Share it now or let us know what your top apps are in the comments below 



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